Certainly my most frequent and numerous shoot throughout the year!  The family...

I never know what I am to expect; It can be a shoot for a single new born infant or a family reunion, with several families and many members...  The price is always the same, $125!  I devote 45 minutes to an hour and the average family session will come away with approximately 40 images.  You get to keep them all, full resolution and do with them as you choose.  You won't find better value, I promise.  While I always hope that some of the pictures will end up framed on the wall (and they do) most will live out their lives on computers, Ipads and smart phones!  And that’s fine :)  That’s why you get to share and download all the images digitally.

Come prepared to walk, run, jump and lay on the ground!!!!

I travel anywhere within (and slightly out) of the 275 loop... I can go to parks, backyards or your home (If you take me to a venue with an entrance fee, I ask that you cover that for me; like the Zoo).  I do have a studio in Aurora IN, so if you prefer that setting, that can be an option too!

After the shoot, I assemble the best images and post them to your own gallery that is password protected.  You may download all or some of the images and share them with your neighbor or a family member on the other side of the world!!

A release is provided giving you full rights to all the pictures.

The session usually lasts about 45 min to an hour and costs $125;

Gift Certificates are available.  It's the gift that truly gets more valuable with time!

No other charges or hidden costs

Please contact me if you have any further questions.


What should we wear?   I suggest sticking with muted colors, when persons wear bright red, it often reflects that same color light on their face (or whoever is close by)

Should we wear the same colors?   Your choice, but if you do, I like Black tops and jeans (or khaki)


The three things I need to get a great picture

  1. Willing Subject(s)
  2. Great Light
  3. Great Location...  That's it!

    and yes, that's one family below...  13 children :)


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