Patrick Banfield Photography | Video

The first priority is always to capture the most important still images during your day, but...  If you haven't chosen to use a professional videographer, we now have the ability to shoot random clips with our Canon DSLR's, an option that came with the advancement of camera technology!  At first we were a little daunted, but with practice, we have been able to capture on video, certain moments that are better served!  Often, it's what people say (especially on bus rides), rather than their actions that are most memorable!  Our cameras are able to shoot a high quality video at 1080p.  In fact, we often witness professional videographers using the very same equipment as us!  The video we shoot throughout the day may add up to about 20 minutes.  Below is a recent wedding from 2013 as an example; The best part is, most people have yet to realize that we have this ability, and often means that they don't 'Hold Back'!

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